Walking the line between two complex cultures, Jamerican's music, embodies Jamaica's roots and up bringing which meets and marries the American life style. Jamerican's music threads the line of staying real to both cultures, while forging its own unique identity. Music that reflects real personal everyday growing obstacles, challenges, success, hurt and love. Jamerican Productions music fuses the grit, edge and hunger of dancehall music, coupled with the hope and soothing harmonious melodies of reggae, sprinkled with a dash of that trap hip hop/rap swag! This sound breathes inspiration, truth, love and that ever so important ESCAPE!!!

Born in Franklyn Town Kingston Jamaica to a single 17 year old mother who introduced him to the arts at an early age as a way to keep him out of trouble on the harsh streets of Kingston. Jamerican bounced around with his mother at various family members homes before settling down in Waterford Portmore St Catherine. After Waterford Primary he attended Ardenne High School. On a visit to the states to see his grandmother in Louisville KY, by chance, luck or faith Jamerican auditioned for the Youth Performing Arts High School (YPAS) where he was accepted on the spot. From there, Jamerican was granted a full talent scholarship to Wrightstate University where he spent 2 years before transferring to The California Institute Of The Arts (CALARTS) on another full talent scholarship. It was at CALARTS where he would take part in the freestyle jam sessions with various artist from across the globe. These sessions gave birth to the current pseudonym JAMERICAN.

Out of a desire to create his own brand of music Jamerican started JAMERICAN PRODUCTIONS. 

Indie Pulse Music~‘Step In A The Club (WILD NIGHT)’ by JAMERICAN

“Booyaka” or, as dancehall and reggae star JAMERICAN insists on the spelling, “Buyaka”, has passed into common parlance around the world, from the streets of Kingston to Ali G. However, it continues to be ignored by the arbitrators of all things lexicological, leading to JAMERICAN appealing to the land of Shakespeare and Dickens to finally allow the word to be officially recognised. He is releasing Step in a the Club and its buyaka-heavy hook to become the official anthem of his crusade.

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Quite Great PR

Combining dancehall, reggae and hip-hop, JAMERICAN’s latest release is “Step in a the Club (WILD NIGHT)”, a journey into Miami’s nightlife which is so intoxicating, you’d swear you were there. Based on actual events (as they say on TV), it tells of JAMERICAN’s observation of a world-famous rapper in a club’s VIP room, dressed like a beach bum but still receiving the adulation of his groupies. This is not JAMERICAN’s way – whatever the event and whoever is going to be there, you will always be treated to the full JAMERICAN experience – no compromises, no alternatives. Welcome to the world of JAMERICAN.

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Urban Radar Weekend Soundtrack Features "Step In A The Club (WILD NIGHT)"

3. JAMERICAN – Step In A The Club  With a mission to bring back the ‘booyaka’ , JAMERICAN combines dancehall, reggae and hip hop in his latest release ‘Step In A The Club’ – a journey into Miami’s nightlife which is so intoxicating, you’d swear you were there. A bestie of Nicole Scherzinger, JAMERICAN has opened shows for artists like Beenie Man and Elephant Man and is hitting the urban scene hard this year.

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